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SaniTronics Public Toilets Newsletter 03 September 2015 Big Bigger Biggest

Over the years, we at SaniTronics were happy to built the most diverse and beautiful projects. Thanks to continuous innovations SaniTronics delivers again and again the best possible product to match the specific question of each customer.

That question can vary from a single toilet or urinal to a composite unit with a specific exterior. Recently SaniTronics, in partnership with JCDecaux Sweden AB, delivered in Stockholm the first of a series of five multifunctional units. This implementation has very the aptly name JUMBO and on our Pinterest channel you will find beautiful photos of it, both from the in- and outside!

The unit hosts an accessible toilet (with a foldable baby cleaning table), two standard toilets and one urinal. All toilets are self-cleaning and equipped with the SaniSlide System. Thereby each visitor will be offered a clean, dry and fresh smelling toilet.

Thanks to the variety of facilities and its great capacity, this unit is ideal for locations where many people like to stay such as squares and recreational areas. Not entirely coincidentally, this unit was placed in a popular park in Stockholm, where many visitors are recreating. For the passer-by in high need is thus well taken care of. View the beautiful pictures on our SaniTronics Pinterest channel.

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