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SaniTronics Public Toilets Newsletter 03 September 2015

Guests focus their eyes during a restaurant visit at approximately 7.000 different issues. With this many fixations hygiene is also sharp registered.

A unique eye-tracking experiment of SCA and worldwide hygiene brand Tork followed from 3.000 restaurant guests from various countries in Europe the visual fixations of the guests. This with the help of special micro cameras in the frames of peoples glasses.

The raw data were transformed into visual ‘heat maps’ of the kitchen, the dining area and toilet areas. Ninety percent of the visitors will find a clean, fresh washroom more important than good service:

  1. 90% considers it important that the toilet area has the same hygienic standard as the dining area.
  2. 30% finds high quality products such as toilet paper, paper towels and soap important.
  3. 60% believes that toilet areas always should offer good quality products.

Source: Facility Experts.

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