Hygienic maintenance

Hygienic maintenance

You are striving for a clean sanitary environment in which everybody feels comfortable. SaniTronics makes sure that this aim becomes reality. Outstanding quality and fair price are paramount.

As with the technical maintenance you can also choose between several options for the hygienic maintenance. Do you prefer cleaning on specific days? In case there will there be an event, then extra maintenance is probably needed. All of this and more is possible.

What can you expect?

A thorough daily cleansing. But also the refilling of items such as toilet paper, handsoap and cleansing liquid. While our cleaner is there on a daily basis it is also possible to check if everything functions properly as well as whether it looks good. Any graffiti and/or any other type of impurities will be taken care of immediately.

By doing so,we use maintenance products specifically developed for SaniTronics. These will not only give outstanding results, they will also increase the lifetime of the products and its colour and gloss.

Our starting point is and will be: always a hygienic and a sparkling clean toilet!

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