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What can you expect from SaniTronics?

Before the actual placement of the toilet?

In consultation with SaniTronics it is decided which facilities are needed to make the placement possible.

During the placement of the toilet

Obviously the operation of the installation shall be explained by a technical engineer. You will always receive a folder in which all technical ins and outs can be found.

After the placement of the toilet

Although SaniTronics is constantly engaged with the quality of its products, it might be possible that after sometime a failure occurs. These are the moments in which you will find out what SaniTronics service really means.

Failures can be reported both by telephone or the internet. At first we will try to solve your problem online by logging in directly into the installation itself. When this does not work out, SaniTronics will solve the problem within 48 hours or the first following working day after receipt of the failure announcement. If desired by our client we also solve problems in the weekend!

Videos SaniTronics

View the short videos of our model developments and systems.