Need advice? SaniTronics helps!

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SaniTronics Public Toilets Newsletter 03 September 2015
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Need advice? SaniTronics helps!

SaniTronics Openbare Toiletten Zelfreinigende Toiletsystemen Automatische Toiletten | Public Toilets Boulevard Scheveningen Holland

For the employees of SaniTronics public toilet facilities, their use and maintenance are commonplace. That applies, of course, not for everyone even though each person visits a number of times per day a toilet. Fore the actual placement, the management and maintenance of a public toilet plenty other issues have to be dealt with. Thanks to our many years of experience there is a lot of know-how available. This knowledge we gladly make available for municipalities and other institutions.

In practical time this doesn’t always lead to an order, provides that not always a command. However, we believe that a company should have a certain added value for the society. That we realize not only by high-quality products, but also by offering advice and assistance.

That can be done by means of drawings or photo compilations but often also in offering advice to choose what kind of unit or what location would fit best. Choosing the right location is very important, both seen in view of the use as well as in terms of urban development. Where needed, we are at your service! Call +3110-2451840 or mail to

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