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Built-in Toilet

The best and most beautiful public built-in Toilet

SaniTronics not only delivers very attractive urban furniture. Especially for architectural applications, the Built-in Toilet has been developed. During its design of the SaniTronics built-in toilet, we have taken into account all possible requirements and wishes in the areas of utilisation and management. The Built-in toilet is seamlessly fitted in the already existing or new architectural situations.

Hygienic public facilities

Unlike anyone else, we are perfectly aware that for a high quality (semi) public facility a hygienic toilet is indispensable. Visitors/users of a public building desire in case of ‘high urge’ nothing else than an accessible and a clean environment. The built in toilet can be fitted with an automatic coin machine or other modern payment technology. Needless to say, free usage is also feasible.

A fully public toilet

The interior is elegant and yet vandal proof. Besides a toilet, it has a wash basin, mirror and a multifunctional automatic faucet that provides soap, warm water and dry air. Especially for the less-abled, there are toilet grips fitted to the walls [that will come into the right position with a single tap]. After each use, the toilet, toilet seat and the floor are automatically cleaned, disinfected, and dried.

24/7 Online management

The manager can give remotely controlled online commands and retrieve data about the user-frequency, fluid levels and maintenance need. Furthermore, with a single mouse click a report can be requested within a minute. [A city toilet has the same options as a built-in toilet, but has its own housing.]

Videos SaniTronics

View the short videos of our model developments and systems.