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City toilet

The city toilets: a piece of jewellery in the urban environment

In your public outdoor space you want have a a good public toilet that, if necessary, is open 24/7. A toilet that is safe and always clean, dry and fresh. A provision that is woman-friendly and excellently accessible for disabled people. In addition, it is most important that the public toilet is identifiable and easily accessible in your city.

Suitability For Urban Development

It all depends, of course, on the urban planning and suitability of such a unit. The city toilet meets all its requirements and beyond. This splendid feature can be equipped with a variety of colours and materials. In addition, to this can as desired be delivered with or without floating roof. In addition, there are still many more possibilities. Interested? Call or email us for an appointment. In a further conversation we shall be happy to further advise you.

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