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Custom made toilets

Customization: everything completely to the customer’s wishes

Within the large range of models that SaniTronics already offers, many customer specific adjustments are possible: on a regular basis, our customers express their own specific ideas with regard to the design. As SaniTronics develops and manufactures everything in-house, there is no problem whatsoever to produce a whole different model that fully reflects the wishes and ideas of the client.

Do you have certain wishes? Please do not hesitate to contact us directly. Based to your wishes, we work directly to tailor-cut the ideal unit for you. Call +3110-2451840 or mail to

24/7 having a clean, dry and fresh toilet

If you opt for a custom-fit solution, then the SaniSlide System and the SaniTurn System can be applied separately or together. Both toilet cleaning systems are adapted to constant use of the toilet. In such a way, that every visitor always finds a clean, fresh and dry toilet.

Fitting into any situation

A custom solution is not merely a piece of urban furniture; it should also offer the option of matching with other features. Within the VHR-group, several others cooperate together, including a construction company and a paint and decorating company. SaniTronics can thereby also tailor-cut your wishes and ideas into reality within an (existing) architectural setting. You ask and we deliver!

Videos SaniTronics

View the short videos of our model developments and systems.