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Modular Toilet

The Modular toilets: flexibility, anytime, anywhere

The design and building of the Modular Toilet can be adapted very flexibly to the wishes of the client. For instance, one can choose between a single, double, triple or even a quadruple version. Also, in combination with urinals and/or showers. For interiors and exteriors, various materials and colours are available.

Single, double, triple or quadruple

The Modular Toilet is a solution for places with relatively high frequency of visitors, such as passer-byes, market stall holders, taxi drivers and chauffeurs. In the simplest model, the modular toilet is accessible for free. It may also be delivered with options such as a limited usage time, limited opening hours, automatic flushing, floor flushing etc. With an adapted coin system, mobile payments or electronic tag, the unit can also be made suitable for public use.

Functionality in beauty

The Modular Toilet can also be delivered as a less-abled toilet with a separate urinal. Thanks to the flexible options, the customer determines the degree of functionality and therefore the luxury all by himself.

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