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Severe measure against unwanted urinating in public is making no sense if no alternative is being offered. Therefore meet the SaniTronics Vespasienne. This urinal is the best permanent solution against unwanted urinators as well as for the environment.

Constant hygiene is the starting point in case of the Vespasienne. As soon as the visitor enters the urinal, a cleansing water curtain runs down the wall and below the roster on which the visitor stands. Odour problems and soiling are herewith definitively something from the past. Furthermore, the outside and inside lighting switch on as soon as it gets dark. As such, the Vespasienne becomes clearly recognisable and the sense of safety is increased after sunset.

The Vespasienne is frost proof and the used materials are sustainable and resistant against vandalism, acids, salts and graffiti. Thus, in the long run, the Vespasienne remains clean and attractive.

With its modest design, the Vespasienne will always take just a modest place. That is why the Vespasienne is more than adequate in all locations, where many of visitors pass by, such as entertainment areas.


The PeePyramid by SaniTronics is an ideal instrument against unwanted urinators in public. This self-cleaning public urinal can be placed on locations where the hinder is maximal. The PeePyramid has a capacity of 4 gentlemen at the same time. Each visitor has its own discrete spot with sufficient protection.

Upon leaving the urinal the water curtain along the walls and the floor comes into operation. This lets the PeePyramid stay hygienic, clean and odour free for its visitors and the environment.

Because the floor is water permeable, once and for all we are done with clogged sewage drains and the risk of flooding. The PeePiramid is to be connected to the sewerage, but at the same time it remains to be relocated easily. This urinal is frost resistant.

The PeePyramid is produced from stainless materials and is therefore dirt repellent and vandalism proof. If desired, the PeePyramid can be fitted with a gracious natural stone sphere. Because of the attractive design and the high quality the PeePyramid is an asset to the environment. Ideal for entertainment areas.

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