SaniTronics website renewed

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SaniTronics website renewed

SaniTronics_Modulair_Enkel_Twee Urinoirs_Rood_Metaal

Recently the website of SaniTronics was completely renewed. First of all, one notices that the new website fully adjusts to the used display. From phone to tablet or large PC display, everything scales automatically. Easy to use and always clear. All beautiful (new) images come fully into their own.

In addition, we ensured that everything for the visitor is quickly and easily to find. From the different types of products, their maintenance, to the webshop: it’s all in reach with a simple click of your mouse!

The website also offers a variety of other information. Furthermore, there are video recordings of our two innovative cleaning systems that all products can be equipped with. In short, a visit to the new website is definitely worth it.

SaniTronics Online

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