SaniTronics: self-cleaning public toilets

About us

SaniTronics BV is a Dutch manufacturer of hygienic toilet systems. Design and production takes place at our location in Rotterdam. From there we deliver worldwide.

Our customers are public offices, amusement parks, gas stations, saunas, sports centres, hotels, bars and restaurants, theatres, organisers of events, contractors, project developers, managers of public buildings, etc. For each location, with many public visitors, we have the suitable hygienic toilet system.


Why choose for our SaniTronics hygienic public toilet? A toilet is much more than a necessary evil. Yet we often see in our daily life too many public toilets in a questionable state. The image of the public toilet suffers from being dirty, smelly, and vandalism sensitive spaces. That is unfavourable for anyone, who wishes to offer their visitors a heartily welcome.

The best solution?

The hygienic toilets by SaniTronics are the best solution for this problem: With our high quality facilities, which nevertheless only need a minimum of maintenance, you can offer your guests and great service. A thoughtful toilet facility is a business card for your visitors and an asset to your environment.

We shall gladly discuss your requirements and needs, and tell you more about the extensive possibilities for the interior and exterior. Please feel free to contact us.


Do you need an clarifying conversation about the very best sanitary facilities for public areas? Use the e-mail form or call +3110-2451840.

Videos SaniTronics

View the short videos of our model developments and systems.