Knowledge of public toilets and toilet systems

Knowledge centre

Our clients’ wishes have been an important contribution for the development of our products. Due to such, SaniTromics can position itself as a knowledge centre. We gladly make our knowledge and know-how available to anyone that is involved in the design and management of public spaces.

Maximum effect

Unlike anybody else, we know how a toilet can attain its maximum effect. In shopping centres, hubs of public transport, parking garages, swimming pools, sports centres, community centres, bars and restaurants, theatres and recreation parks, good sanitary facilities a major effect can achieved great impact on the hospitality experience of visitors.

The Do’s and don’ts

We know the possibilities, the do’s and don’ts, and are furthermore aware of the requirements and wishes of city architects, developers, landscape-designers, governments and city marketers..

Overall, we believe that every company should contribute added value to our society. Thus, we share our knowledge without any obligation.

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