Toilet systems: SaniSlide and SaniTurn

The SaniTronics toilet systems

SaniTronics has several toilet cleaning systems designed in line with the type of use, the intensity of use and the environment in which this system is situated. All systems are supplied in both “standard” as well as in accessible versions.

These systems can be applied both in architectural environment as in the very wide range of street furniture. In short, for any kind of use and in any environment, a solution is available. For more information, see the the SaniSlide and SaniTurn tabs. By clicking on the button Videos under the main menu Systems, you can also run the systems videos.

In case you are not able to find your optimal solution, or do you want to receive further information do not hesitate to contact us: mail to or call us at +3110-2451840.

The SaniSlide System

The toilet is equipped with a slider that, after using the toilet and closing the door, slides over the toilet. Once a visitor leaves the toilet and the door is locked, cleaning starts automatically. In the toilet, a high pressure cleaning system with clean, heated water with an environmentally friendly cleaning agent thoroughly cleans the toilet bowl and toilet seat. Read more on SaniSlide.

The SaniTurn System

The toilet is doubled. Next to the toilet bowl in the user space, there is also a toilet bowl in the technical area. Once the visitor leaves the unit and locks the door, the toilet bowl turns into the technical space after being flushed automatically. The pot thus turns over the sewer system and the coil tube. Read more on SaniTurn.

Videos SaniTronics

View the short videos of our model developments and systems.