SaniSlide: the sliding public toilet

The SaniSlide System

SaniTronics has developed the sliding SaniSlide toilet that is always clean, dry and fresh. The goal: 24/7 for each user always the best toilet facilities.

Always a clean toilet

The toilet is carried out with a cleaning module that after using and closing the door slides over the toilet. Once a visitor has left the toilet and the door is locked, the module slides automatically. It is a high pressure cleaning system with clean water with an environmentally friendly cleaning agent that thoroughly cleans and dries both the toilet and the toilet seat!

Floor cleaning

At the same time, the floor is cleaned. Thanks to a unique composition which is similar with porous asphalt, the floor is completely dry and walkable without leaving footmarks right after the rinse. This takes approximately 50 seconds (in combination with the toilet cleaning) after which the door is released for the next visitor.

24/7 online control

The whole is computer controlled and independently communicates with the operator in the event of a failure. The operator can also communicate with the unit.

Videos SaniTronics

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