SaniTurn: the revolving public toilet

The SaniTurn System

SaniTronics has developed SaniTurn, the revolving toilet that always offers a guaranteed dry and clean toilet to each next visitor. If desired, the system 24/7 does so without breaks and faster and cleaner than the best toilet attendant possibly could.

A doubled toilet

The toilet is therefore doubled. That is, next to the toilet bowl in the user space there is also a toilet bowl in a technical space. Once a visitor leaves the unit and the door is locked, the toilet bowl – after being flushed – automatically revolves into the technical space. The clean pot is now in the user space.

Floor cleaning

At the same time, the floor is cleaned. Because of its unique composition, similar to porous asphalt, right after the rinse the floor is all dry again and walkable without leaving footmarks. All this takes just 20 seconds, after which the door is released for the next visitor.

High pressure cleaning

In the technical area and during the rotation the toilet bowl is being flushed and checked. The toilet is completely cleaned – in- and outside – by using high pressured warm water. By using a detergent on the basis of enzymes and micro-organisms, which become active when in contact with water, all bacteria are thus being effectively eliminated.

The system has all necessary protections built in. On the one hand to prevent the user from possible nuisance and on the other to prevent damage to the system.

24/7 online control

The whole is controlled by a computer system and independently communicates to the operator in the event of a failure. The operator can also communicate with the unit. Talking to a toilet: how special is that!

Videos SaniTronics

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