Clean, fresh and durable

This is UriCompact

UriCompact is a flexible and colorful public urinal. Easy to install and to maintain and therefore a particularly pleasant object in public space. Any colour that fits or is wanted in any environment can be chosen, that's customisation. Developed by SaniTronics UriCompact started as an experiment. The idea was that a well-functioning and nice public urinal is of course a must for every city. Particularly in city centres, at crowded transits of public transport and city parks.

Working flawlessly

When not in use UriCompact is closed seamlessly. Also, a time regime can be set up easily. The UriCompact is controlled through the internet and provides 24/7 insight into all types of use and maintenance.

What is the Kiosko?

In principle, for the Spanish market SaniTronics developed the "Kiosko'. In Spain the combination of a kiosk with a self-cleaning public toilet of SaniTronics is well received. Also for the Dutch market, we see possibilities. The outside of the design can be carried out fully according to specific demands.


In public parks, on squares, at transport hubs and at bus and train stations would be the combination a welcome contribution to the needs of the traveller.

Why SaniTurn?

The toilet is doubled. Next to the toilet bowl in the user space, there is also a toilet bowl in the technical area. Once a visitor leaves the unit and the door is locked, turn the toilet bowl after to be flushed automatically to the technical space.

The pot is thus to the sewer system and the coil tube. The clean pot there is now in the user space.

Why SaniSlide?

The toilet is equipped with a slide that after using the toilet and closing the door, slides over the toilet bowl.

In the toilet there is a high pressure cleaning system with clean and heated water with an environmentally friendly cleaning agent which thoroughly cleans the toilet bowl and toilet seat.

Open floor rinse

View in 45 seconds the miraculous operation of the special floor mud. Due to the special open structure ' disappears ' the rinse water for your eyes.

How it works: after using the toilet is the floor immediately rinsed clean with water that is reused. This can if desired even with warm water and possibly a environmentally friendly soap kind. Which a pleasant smell on the 'background' can be left behind. Talking about clean and fresh!


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