"While we used to travel through Europe with our children we always had to visit public toilets. While using the toilets I always told my children: Do not touch ANY thing with your hands! The lack of hygiene was a driving force for me to create a solution with Sanitronics in order to solve the moderate quality of toilet solutions in public areas. My vision

Everyone is entitled to a safe and hygienically clean toilet at all times."

- Johan van Houwelingen -


Dutch producer

Both development and production are fully managed by our Rotterdam office.

Research & Development

The design and development of the products is fully managed in house. In Rotterdam, new technologies are being developed and tested in a thorough way.
expert water systems

Expert in water technology

We have experience in building water systems for both functional and decorative function. Safety and quality are our priority.

Design, production and control

We manage the entire process of designing and producing into placement and maintenance. This allows us to analyse and solve malfunctions efficiently.

Our history

February 20

The creation of Sanitronics

In 1997 Sanitronics was founded by Huug van der Meeren in Drunen (The Netherlands). He was dedicated to start a new adventure and to provide automated public toilets in The Netherlands.
August 19

The origin of the idea

Johan van Houwelingen and his children used to travel through Europe. During their way, they had to visit public toilets. While using these toilets, Johan always told his children not to touch anything with their hands because of the lack of hygiene of these toilets. It were those moments that Johan van Houwelingen wanted to create a solution to solve the moderate quality of toilet solutions in public areas. From that moment on, Johan started creating a new automated toilet cleaning system.
February 1

VHR Groep takes over Sanitronics

VHR Groep takes over Sanitronics
Johan van Houwelingen decided to take over Sanitronics in 2010. From that moment, his mission to provide hygienically clean automated public toilets for everyone got serious. We started of mainly with testing, testing and more testing with the goal to create automated public toilets of the highest quality.
January 19

The first version of The Revolving Toilet

first revolving toilet by Sanitronics
After some years of inventing and testing, the first version of The Revolving Toilet was created. This pilot version of The Revolving Toilet was installed at a construction company (VHR Bouw), where the employees could use the toilet. In this way, the toilet could be tested and improved in order to reach the desired hygienic standard we think is necessary for a clean toilet.
August 20

‘The Four Elements’ theme for toilets in Helsingborg

automated public toilets helsingborg by Sanitronics
In 2014 Sanitronics cooperated with JCDecaux to provide automated public toilets in Helsingborg in Sweden. The toilets in this project had to represent three of The Four Elements: earth, water and air. The toilet that represents the element of "earth" is equipped with plants. The toilet that represents the element of "water" has a color-changing facade with a waterfall running from top to bottom. The toilet that has to represent the element "air" has high polished stainless steel walls that reflect the surrounding environment.
November 19

Installation of the first Revolving Toilet

The Revolving Toilet statenlaan HTM
The first hygienically clean automated toilet system delivered was a Revolving Toilet created for the HTM transport company in The Hague at the Statenlaan. This Revolving Toilet was installed in an existing building and is only accessible for employees of the HTM. This building encompasses a resting area where you can get coffee and the toilet area.
September 1

A new CEO for Sanitronics

Joost Eerdmans en Coen van houdingen openen openbaar toilet Rotterdam
After years of testing and creating automated public toilets of the highest quality, it was time to spread the message. The old CEO, Johan van Houwelingen, decided to hand on the baton to his son: Coen van Houwelingen. Now, Coen is leading the world towards a sanitary revolution.
February 20

Opening of our toilet at Binnenrotte, Rotterdam

opening toilet binnenrotte Sanitronics
Our unit at 'de Binnenrotte' was one of the first of a series of toilets for Rotterdam to be installed after winning the tender earlier that year. In September 2017, Sanitronics already opened 3 other automated public toilets in different parks in Rotterdam: Roel Langerakpark, Kralingsebos, and Vroesenpark. Edim Hadziavdic, Manager Urban Management, opened The Revolving Toilet at 'de Binnenrotte' together with the 'Maag Lever Darm stiching' (Digestive Diseases foundation).
May 8

Sanitronics at Smart Cities New York

Smart cities New York ahmed aboutaleb and Coen van Houwelingen
Smart Cities New York is a yearly event where people from all over the world come together to discuss new innovations, meet new collaborators and learn about new technologies from the most influential innovators. The mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb, led the Dutch delegation which consisted of organizations from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Tilburg. Sanitronics was one of them this year. The main subjects during this Congress for the Dutch companies were Circular Building and Urban Development. The Dutch companies held pitches and had network sessions with American companies which helped them to connect with the right persons for doing business in the USA. Sanitronics took part in the Dutch delegation and went to New York to attend the congress. Coen van Houwelingen presented The Revolving Toilet and explained how Sanitronics applies circular building and sustainability in our products. Sanitronics smart cities New York
June 25

Nominated for the top 100 SME Innovations

MKB innovatie top 100 Sanitronics
Every year the Dutch Chamber of Commerce selects 'The Top 100 SME Innovation Top 100' (De MKB Innovatie Top 100). This year, Sanitronics was invited to attend the announcement of the top 100 nominated companies. There were 250 participating companies in total which had the chance of being part of the top 100 SMEs in The Netherlands. A team of innovation experts evaluated the 250 companies regarding their impact on society, originality, availability and realized turnover and growth potential. Based on these criteria, the Chamber of Commerce selected 100 of the most innovative companies in the Netherlands. On 25 June, nominees were announced partly by the State Secretary for Economic Affairs and Climate: Mona Keijzer. It is with great pride that we can say that Sanitronics is also one of the nominated company and can take its place in the SME Innovation Top 100 (MKB Innovatie Top 100). On 26 September 2018, the jury, including the chairman Ruud Koornstra, will provide the exact listing of each company. On that day it will be announced which company can call itself the most innovative company in The Netherlands.
November 19

Smart City Expo Congress Barcelona

Smart City Expo World Congress Barcelona
Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona is a leading yearly event where it is the goal to empower cities and collectivize urban innovation from all over the world. During this meeting, all types of enterprises come together and learn about new innovations which allow them to work towards a sustainable product. The latter is one of the top priorities during this event. By promoting social innovation, establishing new partnerships and identifying new business opportunities, this event is dedicated to creating a better future for citizens in all cities. Sanitronics was one of the participating companies during this Congress. This event allowed Sanitronics to present The Revolving Toilet and how Sanitronics works towards the sustainable development goals with their products. Additionally, participating in this event helped by creating new partnerships.
January 30

Winner of Oranje Handelsmissiefonds 2018

Oranje Handelsmissiefonds
The ‘Oranje Handelmissfiefonds’ announced this year for the sixth time in a row the winners of their yearly price. This price helps SMEs by their expansion abroad. It includes all aspects of international business such as improving their international network, experience, and knowledge. In this way, it gets easier for the SMEs to enter foreign markets. One of the winning companies is Sanitronics. Sanitronics sees market potential in the United States of America and aims to expand their business to this country. The upcoming year Sanitronics receives help from the fund due to their winning price and will be supported by various partners of the fund, such as ING, KLM, MKB-Nederland, and the ministry of foreign affairs.