Modular assembly

Modular assembly and dismantlement

Due to modular assembly and dismantling, many options and layout are possible. Additionally, at any time of the product life cycle components can be replaced and/or adjusted causing that the toilet unit will last for years.

Accessible toilet icon

Accessible for every user

Our toilets are designed in such a way that all users can comfortably use the toilet.

Integration icon

Integration in the environment

In consultation with our or your own architects, any desired design can be realised in order to fit into the environment.

Industrial Flexible Dismountable icon

Industrial Flexible Dismountable

By using an IFD building method allows us to easily reuse all parts of the unit.

Robust design icon

Robust design

The roof and the façade are designed against weather influences such as heavy rainfall and various climates. We use high-quality materials that make vandalism and applying graffiti more difficult.


many options
and layouts
are possible


Added value
for the public area