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water consumption

Very low water consumption

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Automatic toilet seat cleaning

A waterblade containing soap and water will transfer over the toilet seat cover. The blade will go back and forth to ensure all dirt is removed.
Biodegradable detergent


Water dosed with bio-degradable soap based on enzymes ensures a clean surface and a fresh smell.
Tekengebied 73@1.5x

Dry toilet seat

The extender from the back will make a few swings back and forth to dry the toilet seat completely.

Floor cleaning

floor cleaning

Clean and dry

The floor in the toilet room is cleaned under high pressure with water and degradable soap. Dirt is collected in a gutter behind the unit.
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The floor consists of water-permeable black gravel tiles. After cleaning, remaining soapy water is drained by the porous floor, which is almost immediately dry and provides optimal grip.

Waste clearance

An often polluting element on the floor is toilet paper. The floor drainage is ideal for disposing of waste like this and other litter (such as packaging) that visitors might leave behind after use.