The Revolving Toilet


Clean for EVERY visitor

Biodegradable detergent

Bio-degradable soap

Tekengebied 79@1.5x

In- and outside cleaning


Cleaning under high pressure


Quick turnaround time

Smart city Sanitronics

Remote control and data analysis

water consumption

Very low water consumption

patent icon

Patented technology

Tekengebied 79@1.5x

Every surface

Not only the toilet seat, but the entire toilet will be cleaned from the inside and out in order to hygienically clean even places such as under the seat.
Biodegradable detergent


Water dosed with bio-degradable soap based on enzymes ensures a clean surface and a fresh smell.

High pressure cleaning 70 bar

High pressure cleaning ensures effective removal of all dirt.
Tekengebied 73@1.5x

Dry toilet seat

While revolving the toilets, the cleaned seat will pass an airblade connected to a large airpump. As a result the toilet is always completely dry before use.

Floor cleaning

floor cleaning

Clean and dry

The floor in the toilet room is cleaned under high pressure with water and degradable soap. Dirt is collected in a gutter behind the unit.
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The floor consists of water-permeable black gravel tiles. After cleaning, remaining soapy water is drained by the porous floor, which is almost immediately dry and provides optimal grip.

Waste clearance

An often polluting element on the floor is toilet paper. The floor drainage is ideal for disposing of waste like this and other litter (such as packaging) that visitors might leave behind after use.

Clean and dry in 20 seconds!


- User leaves toilet
- Visitor detection

Multiple sensors detect if there is anyone in the room. The rotation system will not start until the space is vacant.

- No one present
- Floor cleaning activates

The cleaning process will be activated when the unit is vacant. Multiple measures are taken in order to ensure safety.

- Rotation system unlocked
- Used toilet exchanges with clean toilet

The rotating system will turn 180 ° so that the cleaned toilet rotates to the user space. During rotation, the toilet is controlled to detect if there is anything in the toilet. If necessary, the system will take additional measures.

- Rotation system locked
- Next visitor can use the toilet

When the system is rotated 180 °, it will lock itself in the interests of personal and system security. After multiple sensor controls, the user space will be released.

- Toilet in technical room is being cleaned in the meantime

The toilet in the technical area will be thoroughly cleaned. Should someone make use of the toilet, the user will experience no disruption of the cleaning process in the technical area.