Smart city Sanitronics

Remote control and analysis

water consumption

Very low water consumption


Biodegradable detergent


Water dosed with bio-degradable soap based on enzymes ensures a clean surface and a fresh smell.
floor cleaning

Automated floor and wall cleaning

Nozzles spray water and soap along the fa├žade to ensure all dirt is removed. After each use, the floor cleaning activates automatically.
height for each user urinal

Accessible for all lengths

Our urinals are accessible for all lengths: Tall people and children are able to use the toilet due to adapted heights in urinals and urinal dividers.
modular assembly icon

Flexible design

Due to modular assembly and dismantlement, we are flexible in our design. Our urinals are available in a unit of one, two, three urinals or more. Moreover, the urinals are available in a unit in combination with a toilet.

Floor cleaning

floor cleaning

Floor cleaning

The floor of the urinal is cleaned under high pressure with water and degradable soap.
Grip icon


The floor consists of water-permeable black gravel tiles. When the cleaning is finished, the remaining water drains through the porous floor which almost immediately dries so it provides optimal grip.

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